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Is China Stronger than the U.S.?

As a close observer of international relations, it is difficult to read what the U.S. President just said in China. According to news accounts he indicated that China had left America “so far behind”, blamed previous U.S. administrations for our trade imbalance, seems to have suggested that the U.S. needs China more than China needs the U.S., and thus created the impression of an imbalance in power relations favoring the Chinese, praised President Xi for consolidating his power as an autocrat, and called Xi “a very special man” (New York Times, November 9, 2017). According to the New York Times, the warm embrace was not reciprocated by President Xi, and to many Chinese the U.S. President app

American Exceptionalism?

It is all too easy to get tangled up in heated rhetoric, accusation, and tweets, and especially so when tragedy strikes. This has been the case with virtually every recent mass shooting in the United States...much heat, little light, virtually no public policy response to these tragedies. One way to try to make sense of this world is to engage in comparison: how different are we from the rest of the world? The response to that question implies that once we understand the answer, we can do something about issues that are harming our well being. The chart below is a classic example of such comparison. It highlights American "exceptionalism" in a context where we don't want to be all that uniqu



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