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Resources: Projects


The International Studies Association (ISA) is the umbrella association for IR scholars around the world. The papers presented at their conferences can be accessed on their web page at:

The WWW Virtual Library of International Affairs Sources


Center for Security Studies (Zurich)


SIPRI provides comprehensive analysis of military spending and weapons transfer, at:

Data on International Crises (ICB) at:

Data on Militarized Interstate Disputes:

Data on alliances can be found at COW and/or ATOP

Data and research on ethnic groups and conflict from ETH are here: 

The Correlates of War (COW) project has a great deal of data on a variety of different dimensions at:

Data on Regime Types and Democratization: Polity IV:

              Gleditsch modifications:

              Freedom House:

              Polyarchy data base:

V-Dem produces a variety of indicators of democracy

IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) provides global state of democracy indices.


Historical information and data on GDP from the World Bank at: and from Maddison at:


Quality of Governance indicators (World Bank):,,contentMDK:20771165~menuPK:1866365~pagePK:64168445~piPK:64168309~theSitePK:1740530,00.html

Transparency International provides data on corruption and in summary here


Information on international organizations can be found in the Yearbook of International Organizations

Information and data on terrorism can be found at TRAC ( and the Global Terrorism database (GTD) at:

Globalization measures:


WTO Dispute Cases: and by country:


Roper Center for polling data

Forecasting and analysis at the Pardee Center for International Futures

Carnegie Middle East Center here

The National Security Strategy Document of the U.S. (2017) is here

News sources:

    New York Times at:

   Los Angeles Times at: 

    Christian Science Monitor at

    Washington Post at

Financial Times here 

Wall Street Journal here

The Guardian at:  

  World Politics Review here

BBC World News at: 

   Der Spiegel International at:

   Associated Press at: 

   Japan Times at: 

     Le Monde diplomatique at: 

    The Hindu (India) at: 

   Egypt Daily News at:

   On Intelligence at:

   Monkey Cage, a good blog by political scientists at

   Foreign Affairs at:

   Foreign Policy at: 

   National Public Radio (NPR) at:

   Reuters at:

  Foreign Policy Research Institute here

Modern Diplomacy here

World Politics Review


Reuters Africa at:

For news sources on other regions of the world, browse here

NBR (National Bureau of Asian Research) here

Johnson's Russia List here  and here

PONARS on Central Asia

News with another perspective:

Pravda (Russian govt) at:

Moscow Times here

South China Morning Post at:  

Xinhua News Agency (Chinese govt)at:

Asia Times here

Aljazeera at:

The Jerusalem Post at:

Some Global and Regional Governance Issues:


    Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict

    The Governance of Cyberspace

    Nuclear proliferation: regime and threats

    Human Rights and data by countries

    International trade: WTO and disputes

TCFR Videos, 2020-2021 Season

Frank Figliuzzi on the 2020 Elections here

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