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ONLINE APPENDIX: Reconsidering the East Asia Peace, Chapter 4
The appendix is here


Our (several of us working as a team) most recent project focuses on a comparative analysis of regions, seeking to identify regional dynamics that may increase or reduce conflicts within regions. The primary focus is on the presence or absence of regional hierarchical arrangements in the context of both possible regional pacifying conditions and regional fault lines that may exacerbate conflicts. Some of our work on this topic includes: an examination of recent literature focusing on definitions of regions and the use of region as the unit of analysis, two approaches to creating a theoretical framework for comparative regional analysis (here and here), and an ongoing effort to sort out the effects of rivalries and shocks on regional conflict (examplified in this presentation at the ISA Hong Kong conference, 2017).  We review efforts to conceptualize and measure regions at a conference hosted by the Institute for the Study of Strategic Regions (Charles University) here (December 2017). A chapter on shocks, regional rivalries, and conflict is here (Volgy et. al 2018)

We also examine conflict propensities across regions in the post-Cold War environment here.


The following data sets are available for use:


  Codebook   Data


Codebook  Data

We request that if you use these data, full attribution should be as follows:

FIGO  Volgy, Thomas J., Elizabeth Fausett, Keith A. Grant, and Stuart Rodgers. 2008. “Identifying Formal Intergovernmental Organizations.” Journal of Peace Research. 45(6): 849‐862.

DIPCON 3.0  Patrick Rhamey, Kirssa Cline, Nicholas Thorne, Jacob Cramer, Jennifer L. Miller, and Thomas J. Volgy (2013). “The Diplomatic Contacts Database,” Tucson: School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona (Version 3.0)


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